Dennis and Dr. Jen

Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark

Dennis and Jen Clark minister together as a husband and wife team. They founded Full Stature Ministries in 1997 and are also senior pastors of Kingdom Life Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Dennis has been in active ministry for more than 35 years. Dennis holds a PhD in theology. Jen holds a ThD in theology and BS, MS, and EdS degrees in psychology. Dennis and Jen are authors of Self-Deliverance Made Simple, Releasing the Divine Healer Within, The Supernatural Power of PeaceLive Free, Practicing God’s Presence 24/7 (formerly published as Touching God),  Deep Relief Now, and The Great God Quest series for children. Dr. Jen is also author of Was Jesus a Capitalist? 

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More than 35 years experience
Teaching how to make Jesus Lord in everyday life
Jen has worked for many years with Dennis, preparing teaching materials to equip believers to be healed themselves, then be able to bring healing to others.  They  teach all believers how to live continually in the fruit of the Spirit under the Lordship of Jesus Christ…which is what Jesus called “abiding in the Vine” (John 15:5). Dennis and Jen discovered that even little children can easily learn how to walk in the Spirit. It is a revolutionary new approach to equip believers to abide in the shalom (peace) of God in everyday life, and know how to deal with anything that temporarily interrupts their peace quickly and completely. Because this is a new paradigm, the Clarks highly recommend training materials (books, manuals, CDs, and DVDs) for individual and group instruction, available online.
Physical healing
Because emotional trauma and physical ailments are closely connected, many people experience physical healing along with emotional healing. Dennis and Jen have experienced miraculous physical healing themselves through applying DRN (Deep Relief Now) in their own lives.
Training modules
Dennis and Jen have developed teaching materials based on spiritual revelation that has now been developed into targeted training modules which can be tailored for mature believers, new converts, Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, church discipleship programs, pastoral care, restoration, ministry teams, missionaries, lay workers, or those who feel called to specialize in the Full Stature Approach. Simple keys are easy enough for a mother or Sunday school worker to teach a 3 year old child, yet effective enough to heal the deepest hurts of adults quickly and completely. Advanced keys are also presented in training sessions dealing with the renewal of the mind, emotional health, willpower, addictions, deliverance, physical healing, practicing the presence of God, spiritual discernment,
and so forth.