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Transference of Spirits
2 CD Album

What is “transference of spirits”? A group of people, a person, or spirit who inspires thought or emotion can transfer or transmit spirits our hearts are open to receive. Such transference can be good or bad. When the 12 spies were sent to check out the promised land, 10 returned with an evil report that infected the children of Israel so they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. However, Joshua and Caleb had a “different spirit” that agreed with God’s report. When we listen to gossip, we may also receive bad transference of an evil report.

Because Elisha served Elijah faithfully, Elijah’s mantle, or spirit was transmitted to Elisha.  Father God sent the Holy Spirit to Jesus when it was time for His ministry to begin. Laying on of hands can also impart spiritual gifts to others.

Discover key principles of laying on of hands, transference by association, receiving the mantle of your mentor, avoiding defilement, and receiving impartation of spiritual gifts. Learn how to receive good transference as well as how to guard against bad transference.

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