The DRN (Deep Relief Now) Approach

The Lord has healed…

  • Physical sicknesses
  • Marriages
  • Emotional traumas
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury)
  • Rape & abuse victims
  • and much more

Pastors say…

  • “A year’s worth of therapy in minutes of prayer!”
  • “You have given us tools that work!”
  • “I use these how-to tools almost on a daily basis.”
  • “People are being changed and delivered and healed so easily… may you continue to bring this life changing ministry throughout the whole world!”

People testify… 


Rheumatoid arthrites healed

A young mother was suffering from the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis and the joints on her hands were visibly swollen and distorted. On her own, she let the Lord show her who she needed to forgive, including herself, and her hands healed and went back to normal.

Rejection & skin cancer healed

“I used the DRN (Deep Relief NOW) steps and got healed of rejection from my mother. Over the next few weeks I was amazed to see a skin cancer on my arm get smaller and smaller, and it just disappeared. My doctor was simply astounded. I didn’t have to have surgery! It was just gone!”

Rape trauma healed & tumor disappeared

A missionary, who had been trained in the DRN approach, prayed with a woman in Mozambique who had a grapefruit sized tumor in her abdomen. The woman had been traumatized by an uncle when she was eleven years old. Her emotional pain was healed immediately, and the tumor was completely gone by the next day.

100 lb. weight loss following emotional healing

Using the DRN approach, a woman was healed of emotional pain from her mother abandoning her as a child. She lost 100 lbs over just a few months time.

Arthritis healed

A woman who could barely use her hands due to arthritis was completely healed after using the DRN steps for emotional healing. Her fingers straightened out and she had no more pain.

Physical healing of 4 diseases after emotional healing

A young mom was supernaturally healed of four physical diseases after receiving emotional healing using the DRN steps from Dr. Jen’s Biology of Faith series. No more pain, no evidence of disease. Lab tests came back completely normal. Her doctors were dumfounded and amazed!

Victims of abuse healed

Victims of molestation and physical abuse, who were continuously tormented by the past, were instantly healed of emotional pain.

Panic attacks healed

“I was afraid all the time after I was in a horrible car wreck. I couldn’t drive the car without feeling panicky, had nightmares. I was completely healed in one prayer session. No more nightmares, no more dread, no more problems with driving the car.”

Resentment & color blindness healed

A young man was healed of anger at his father with the DRN steps, and was immediately healed of color blindness right there in the

Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) healed

War vets have been quickly healed of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using the DRN approach.

Shame healed

“I carried shame around for my entire life and I paid it no more attention than I did to my shadow. I simply did not realize what it was and how it colored my world. After applying the DRN approach I now feel different without even trying. One of the tangible differences I notice is that I can look people in the eye – something I did not realize I had difficulty doing. I feel freer, cleaner and more whole emotionally whole than I ever have before and I am entirely grateful for this teaching.”

Marriage healed

“[We] met Dennis and Jennifer a few months after being married. We had been having some emotional issues and clashes between us that wouldn’t seem to go away…With the simple tools [the DRN steps] that Dennis and Jennifer gave us…our marriage was transformed!”

Fear & heart disease healed

“I had terrible attacks of a heart condition called paroxysm of atrial tachycardia (PAT). My heart would begin racing and I would spend hours unable to function, only could go to bed. I took a lot of medication, but got very little relief. I had one emotional healing and was instantly healed of fear– and my heart was healed at the same time. I have never had an episode of PAT since. I don’t have to take medication anymore. It is so wonderful to live a normal life again!”