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Releasing the Divine Healer Within:
The Biology of Belief and Healing
Intensive Training Course

NOTE: The 3 CDs contained in the set featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! program are not included in the 11 CD series, Releasing the Divine Healer Within Intensive Course.

11 CD Album

Unlock the Secrets to Walking in Divine Healing…as Science and the Supernatural Collide

You were not designed to live with pain, sickness, or emotional torment. The same God Who formed you is also your Healer. Greater still, this Divine Healer also lives within you. Get ready to experience the power of God like never before, as you uncover the biology of your belief, learn the revelatory science of spiritual healing, and unleash the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit within you! Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark combine both science and the supernatural to bring you fresh revelation on how to:

  • Welcome God’s creative power to transform every part of your life, even down to a cellular level
  • Step into your Spirit-filled identity and let God heal through you
  • Overcome toxic emotions and walk in supernatural rest
  • Break through the barriers to receiving your miracle
  • Release the energy of faith and prayer to experience healing, provision and abundant life

Release the Divine Healer and His miraculous power in your life today!

 Book and 3-CD Series Endorsed by Sid Roth
Paperback book only
Releasing the Divine Healer Within:
The Biology of Belief and Healing
Releasing the Divine Healer Within
Prayer Card
A companion prayer card for the book, Releasing the Divine Healer Within… Read More