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Praying Intimate Prayer
CD Single

Intimate Prayer
Secrets Revealed Series

CD Album plus booklet
Communion with God is the unspeakably glorious expe­rience for which Christ died—the goal of the Cross. We know, deep down, that such union is possible, and paid for by the blood that was shed at Calvary. We know we were born to experience God. Indeed, the deepest desire of every heart is to experience His Presence—not just occasionally, but moment by moment. Nothing will ever sat­isfy this deepest need.For centuries, believers from all nations and denomina­tions have sought this magnificent communion with God. Their goal has been simple but radical: the experience of union, the sublime joy of uninterrupted relationship, the ever-deepening oneness with the Beloved.We can experience abiding in Christ 24/7.

  • Discover how to touch the glory of Christ in you (Col. 1:27)
  • Know how to abide in the presence of God 24/7
  • Learn the way of ever-deepening communion
  • Discover how to be cleansed of toxic emotions
  • Experience the fruit of the Spirit as a lifestyle

Does this sound too good to be true? On the contrary: Christ suffered to redeem our lives from darkness and usher us into the glory of His tangible Presence. How dare we settle for anything less?

Most Christians believe that this is pos­sible—at least theoretically, doctrinally—but few have actu­ally experienced this intimacy, even momentarily, and even fewer are practicing God’s Presence all day, every day. We invite you to journey with us into this experiential union with Christ.

God took Dennis on a months’ long journey of seven life-changing encounters in which He revealed supernatural keys for a deeper prayer life and greater intimacy with God. Now you can discover the secrets of Intimate Prayer. Topics include:

  1. Undivided Attention
  2. Welcome Presence
  3. Ask Where You Trust
  4. Attitude
  5. Love and Discernment
  6. Affirmation
  7. Demonstration