Sid Roth, host, It’s Supernatural TV

Charlotte, North Carolina [endorsement for Dennis & Dr. Jen’s book Live Free] – Many books have been written on the subject [of emotional healing]. This is the ONLY one that tells you HOW!”

Dr. Brian Simmons

 West Haven, Connecticut –“[The Clarks’ ministry is] biblically based and profoundly life changing” 

James Goll

Nashville, Tennessee – “This is something new…a greatly accelerated way of inner transformation that takes it much farther and…is much faster.

Mickey & Barbara Robinson

Nashville, Tennessee – “[The Clarks both] minister and equip – to set people free, as well as empower them to set others free…”


Rev. William J. & Gwen Morford

Shalom Ministries, Inc., Greenville, South Carolina – [W]hat is most remarkable is their teaching the “how to’s”- teaching pastors how to teach their flocks to have each congregant minister discerning of spirits and deliverance, first to self, then to others… The Clarks ’ teachings prepare each person to be in touch with…God within, [and bring] effective deliverance… [from emotional pain]. This training is absolutely essential …”

Aaron Evans

Boxford, Massachusetts – I recommend them for your church or ministry because they will activate, release, and equip believers to walk in the fullness of the Spirit.

Apostle-Prophet Samuel Rivers, Jr.

Charleston, South Carolina – “[The Clarks] bring about healing and restoration in the local church, and the family….Their teaching has brought healing and wholeness…”

Jim Buchan

Charlotte, North Carolina – Their ministry has blessed my own family, and I believe [the Clarks] are destined to have a widespread impact on the Body of Christ.

Pastor Shirley Stevens

Colebrook, New Hampshire – I have served the Lord for over 3 decades and I can truthfully say that this ministry is the one that has touched me the most  and given all of us “tools” to help others…. I [use]…these “tools” almost on a daily basis. People are being changed and delivered and healed  so easily.…May you continue to bring this life changing ministry throughout the whole world.”

Pastor Weston Brooks

Tolland, Connecticut –“Dennis and Jennifer are two of the best equippers I know in the Body of Christ today… Not only is the ministry of Dennis and Jennifer powerful  and life-changing, but they are truly masters at helping and training others to do the same ministry they do. Every time they have ministered, they have left us with the tools
to continue and grow…We now have HEALTHY CHURCH!”

Pastor Rick McKinniss

Kensington, Connecticut – “I am very impressed by [the] Clark’s spiritual sensitivity, their gentle manner and their clear sense of God’s healing purposes for the emotionally wounded. Dennis and Jennifer Clark bring the healing of the Lord for emotional hurts and spiritual maladies with spiritual sensitivity and biblical wisdom. Their teaching is rooted in scripture, their altar ministry is gentle and powerful, their individual appointments can accomplish a year’s worth of therapy in thirty or forty minutes of prayer… have seen major obstacles to growth and spiritual effectiveness cleared out of the way as they ministered in the Counsel of the Lord. Your people will not only be blessed — they will change.”

Pastor Collins Lein

Great Barrington, Massachusetts – “…[The Clarks bring] healing and wholeness to the whole nature of the local church…”

Dr. Jerry Hester

Pastor, Greer, South Carolina – “[The Clarks] flow in the supernatural, bringing healing, deliverance, and freedom to the people of God. They also have a powerful sanctioning to equip the people….They are hands-on ministers who teach the people of God [to do what they do]…”

Dr. D. Arthur Fife

Pastor, Bradenton, Florida (formerly Farmington, Connecticut) – “[The Clarks] ministry is biblically based and has brought healing, deliverance, and wholeness to many. I highly recommend their ministry. Your church and your people will be blessed by their sensitive and caring approach to setting God’s people free and bringing the Church to wholeness.”

Pastor Allen W. Cook

Brentwood, New Hampshire – “The Lord has gifted Dennis and Jennifer Clark with a unique [ministry and approach]… to help the believer [be healed of] brokenness and woundedness…”

The Rev. Patrick Sean Finn

Charleston, South Carolina – “Dennis and Jennifer’s wisdom and discernment have been [vital] in setting up a new vision for our mission of healing and building the kingdom…Their gentle spirit and anointed teaching has helped us bring clarity to our healing teams and our leadership teams. Dennis and Jennifer’s humorous and gentle way was just the anointing that the ministry needed. We have been blessed by them and continue daily to see the fruit of their work.”