Don’t Live on the Frayed Fringe

Written by Dr. Jen Clark

A lonely old man

We have all heard of sad stories like this one about a lonely old man in Lyons, France.

True Story: “I knew an old man who lived in the same apartment building as me… He had no money and he had no friends and he had no family, and he had no food…Every night he would go down to the rubbish bins and try to find something to eat in our rubbish. Every night, we could hear him ripping open the plastic bags and opening and closing the rubbish bins and talking to himself…he was completely alone in the world.

“No one tried to knock on his door when he first went missing. No one thought about why he suddenly disappeared and no one thought to question why. No one had seen a removal van or people to help him move…No one. He just died, alone, poor, and hungry, without anyone in the world knowing, in his kitchen, with people above and below and on either side of him.” 1

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